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The New Code Certification differs from the Classic Code in some aspects. The New Code is elaborated and created by John Grinder, first together with Judite Delozier and later with Carmen Bostic St. Clair, due to flaws detected by John Grinder himself in some standards of the Classic Code.

There are 4 main differences that are mentioned in the book “Whispering in the Wind” by Carmen Bostic St. Clair and John Grinder

1)   The unconscious is given responsibility for selecting behaviors, desired states and resources;

2)   The unconscious is involved in the process;

3)   Behaviors satisfy an intention;

4)   The change occurs at the level of the state and intention and not behavior.


John Grinder's explanation of what the New Code is

This certification is based on the technical rigor presented by ITANLP (John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Clair e Michael Carroll) and on my experience with the New Code in the last 6 years. My definition has 4 principles that have been explored with repetitive application of standards over this time using self-application to experience and be able to apply in a congruent and aligned way, without the imposition of pre-defined contents and labels with the intention of creating choice.

International Certification

Training and certification focus on the following topics:


Choice of State


Internal Representations


Perceptual Positions

Logical Levels


Involuntary Signs

Linguistic Patterns

Intention / Consequence


Chain of Excellence

New Code Format

New Code Games

And much more...

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